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December 10, 2010

I am not 14 years old, I don’t read Jane Austen every day, nor do I watch romantic chick flick movies every now and then… nonetheless, I believe that love exists; it exists the way you think  it does when you are 14, the way Jane Austen describes it in her novels, the way it is depicted in chick flicks…

I sounded like a girly girl, pink lover princess, Tinkerbell fan, awwwee kind of crazy shopper without brains, blonde hair- orange tan that draws hearts on her Spanish notebook, that fakes this little baby girl voice na-ha, ya-aa, and everything is cutttteee for her, their boyfriends are their babies who wear t-shirts with “I heart blah blah” on…

Love… ya, it does exist… even for me… and I don’t love… I simply feel…


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One Comment
  1. no doubt it exists 😀 inchqan karatsa edqan haskatsa u gretsi angleren 😀

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